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Qualifiers for Winter 2019 Season Season
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NameTeamWeeks playedCurrent rating
Allwood Finishers
1Larry FullerAllwood Finishers58.501
2Gerry JamesAllwood Finishers46.687
3Harry "Dirty Harry" VanheerwaardenAllwood Finishers55.894
4Anita HoppsAllwood Finishers55.632
5Mike JacobsAllwood Finishers55.328
6Jolene SwansonAllwood Finishers55.142
Cascadia Bristle Bashers
7Richard RempelCascadia Bristle Bashers49.266
8Terry "Machine Gun" StrawsonCascadia Bristle Bashers58.975
9Steve CollinsCascadia Bristle Bashers58.697
10Tedd DuckerCascadia Bristle Bashers58.181
11Mike DriscollCascadia Bristle Bashers37.170
12Don "The Godfather" EnocksonCascadia Bristle Bashers57.115
13Noella "Good Luck" RossCascadia Bristle Bashers57.030
Eagles Hall Straight Arrows
14Don McIlargeyEagles Hall Straight Arrows37.207
15Paul ReimerEagles Hall Straight Arrows36.860
16Sonja TwamleyEagles Hall Straight Arrows35.595
17Ron KeastEagles Hall Straight Arrows35.511
18Shirley EwertEagles Hall Straight Arrows34.715
Parksville Legion Bulls Hitters
19Alan FarmerParksville Legion Bulls Hitters56.765
20Bernie BrockwayParksville Legion Bulls Hitters56.737
21Angie KienasParksville Legion Bulls Hitters56.722
22Ray JonesParksville Legion Bulls Hitters46.084
23Peter SpinksParksville Legion Bulls Hitters55.818
24Barb MarshParksville Legion Bulls Hitters55.219
Parksville Legion Shooters
25Thom FordParksville Legion Shooters48.185
26Lloyd AuslandParksville Legion Shooters56.502
27Lorraine HoppsParksville Legion Shooters56.337
28Pat BannisterParksville Legion Shooters55.978
29George WallisParksville Legion Shooters55.938
30Viviane PapineauParksville Legion Shooters54.870
Parksville Legion X-Men
31Glen DilworthParksville Legion X-Men37.512
32Pony MooreParksville Legion X-Men36.479
33Dale ParkerParksville Legion X-Men35.857
34Rob SparrowParksville Legion X-Men35.515
35Steve StewartParksville Legion X-Men35.430
36Fraser VincentParksville Legion X-Men25.320
Qualicum Legion B-Sharps
37Arless McNeillQualicum Legion B-Sharps37.232
38Stan FosterQualicum Legion B-Sharps35.749
39Colleen McNeillQualicum Legion B-Sharps34.991
40Anna DaschukQualicum Legion B-Sharps24.743
41Dan MoffattQualicum Legion B-Sharps34.543
42Sue FosterQualicum Legion B-Sharps14.425
43Valerie SmalleyQualicum Legion B-Sharps33.343
44Betty Ann MoffattQualicum Legion B-Sharps23.287
Qualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew
45Greg SimmonsQualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew27.491
46Peter BisikerQualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew56.944
47Steve BirdQualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew56.529
48Don PunterQualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew56.238
49Ron StanleyQualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew36.194
50Sylvia MantykaQualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew25.249
51Ernie BerrowQualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew55.134
Qualicum Legion Warriors
52Chad "Fish" TroutonQualicum Legion Warriors57.624
53Larry MacDonaldQualicum Legion Warriors57.586
54Kelly KovacsQualicum Legion Warriors55.945
55Ron HessionQualicum Legion Warriors55.669
56Dale SimpsonQualicum Legion Warriors55.291
57Ruth KovacsQualicum Legion Warriors54.939
Toolshed Triples
58Alan BarryToolshed Triples36.008
59Mike McNultyToolshed Triples35.962
60Jackie AndersonToolshed Triples14.491
61Wendy HainesToolshed Triples34.484
62Toni CromptonToolshed Triples34.164
63Susan BarryToolshed Triples33.661

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