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Team Rankings for Winter 2019 Season
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All Division

TeamAvg Rating PlayedAvg Rating TeamHighest Rated PlayerLowest Rated PlayerTotalGamesMatches
Division A
1Cascadia Bristle Bashers7.9787.8438.9486.50601275
2Parksville Legion Shooters6.4526.5257.9375.0300722
3Qualicum Legion Warriors6.3346.4648.1614.8700703
4Qualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew6.2826.2696.9425.2760762
5Allwood Finishers6.2006.1678.3124.6940741
6Parksville Legion Bulls Hitters6.0225.9786.6334.7600762
Division B
1Eagles Hall Straight Arrows6.0646.0127.1804.5810552
2Parksville Legion X-Men5.9985.9437.5364.9680663
3Qualicum Legion B-Sharps4.9284.8317.0043.1170391
4Toolshed Triples4.8864.8246.0883.9890380

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