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Tournament Qualifiers Print
Written by Jolene Swanson   
Friday, 12 April 2019 09:45

Bernie's Darts


Barb Hamilton


Past Presidents


Richard Rempel Angie Kienas Ron Hession
Terry Strawson Lorraine Hopps Dale Simpson
Steve Collins Steve Bird Stan Foster
Thom Ford Ron Stanley Rob Sparrow
Tedd Ducker Don Punter Ernie Berrow
Larry MacDonald Peter Bisiker Fraser Vincent
Larry Fuller Harry Vanheerwaarden Viviane Papineau
Fish Trouton Dale Parker Shirley Ewert
Glen Dilworth Alan Farmer Barb Marsh
Don McIlhargey Ray Jones Mike Jacobs
Mike Driscoll Mike McNulty Anne O'Sullivan
Gerry James Anita Hopps Anna Daschuk
Paul Reimer George Wallis Jolene Swanson
Arless McNeill Peter Spinks Jackie Anderson
Noella Ross Pat Bannister Ruth Kovacs
Don Enockson Alan Barry Colleen McNeill
Lloyd Ausland Ron Keast Dan Moffatt
Bernie Brockway Sonja Twamley Wendy Haines
Kelly Kovacs Jim Hood Toni Crompton
Pony Moore Steve Stewart Sue Foster

Susan Barry

Valerie Smalley

Betty Ann Moffatt

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