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Turkey Shoot 2018 Results Print
Written by Jolene Swanson   
Monday, 17 December 2018 12:14

Saturday's Turkey Shoot at the Qualicum Legion was well attended, 14 teams battled for the TWELVE turkeys to be won.

First Place: Kelly Kovacs and Fish Trouton

Second Place: Steve Collins and Sue Foster

Third Place: Tedd Ducker and Steve Stewart

Fourth Place: Larry Fuller and Viviane Papineau

Men's High Score: Tedd Ducker - 140

Men's High Out: Tedd Ducker - 93

Ladies High Score: Noella Ross - 120

Ladies High Out: Sue Foster - 64

Snowball of $67.50 was won by Steve Collins.

Thanks to everyone who attended, as well as the District 69 Dart Association Executive for all their work, organizing, shopping and gathering door prizes.

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Week 13 Darts 2018 Print
Written by Jolene Swanson   
Wednesday, 19 December 2018 13:09

The Qualicum Legion B-Sharps played their final home game before the Christmas break against the Cascadia Bristle Bashers, with the Bashers taking it away with 28 wins to the B-Sharps’ 5 wins. Winning all their matches of the night, Richard Rempel, Tedd Ducker, Noella Ross and Captain Mike Driscoll guaranteed the win for the night. High score for the Bristle Bashers went to Don Enockson and Richard Rempel, both shooting a 133. Leading the wins for the B-Sharps was Arless McNeill with 2 wins in 5 matches. High score went to Stan Foster with a 140.


The Eagles Hall hosted the Tool Shed Triples as home team against the Qualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew. The six-person Crew out-doubled the Triples 21-12. Leading the wins for the Crew with five for five, was Peter Bisiker. High score was 140 – achieved by Peter not once, but twice, and once by Ron Stanley. The Tool Shed’s Alan Barry and Mike McNulty each won 3 of their 6 matches and top score went to Mike McNulty with a 140, 135 and 101 all in the same game!


The Eagles Hall’s lone home team, the Straight Arrows, hosted the Parksville Legion Bulls Hitters.  It was a close game to the very last set, when the Straight Arrows rallied and came out ahead of the Bulls Hitters by one point – final score 17 to 16 for the Arrows. The Straight Arrows double out champ of the night was Don McIlhargey with four of six matches in his favour. High score went to newcomer/spare, Thomas Connelly with a 122. Leading the Hitters wins for the night was Alan Farmer, with four of five wins to his credit. Bernie Brockway and Ray Jones each shot a 140, but most consistent high scores went to Angie Kienas with a 123, 122, 119, 112 and a 100.


Parksville Legion was busy Tuesday night, with the home team – X-Men hosting the Qualicum Beach Warriors. Great night of darts, lots of close games, but the Warriors out-doubled the X-Men in the end with 19 wins against 14 wins. Five wins in six matches went to both Larry McDonald and Fish Trouton. High score went to Kelly Kovacs with a 141 – putting him on the leader board for the second week in a row. Dale Parker and Glen Dilworth each won 3 of their 5 matches. Pony Moore just missed a perfect score with a 160 – putting him on the leader board for the first time.


Also at the Parksville Legion, the Legion Shooters met with the Allwood Finishers for a night of well-played games. Close matches all night resulted in a 19 to 14 win for the Shooters. Back from surgery and ready to play, Captain Lloyd Ausland, set the standard four wins for five games played. Rising to the challenge, Pat Bannister also won four of his five matches, as well as shooting a 134 for top score for the Shooters. Tied for top wins, the Allwood Finisher’s Larry Fuller and Captain Jolene Swanson each won three of their five games. Larry Fuller hit the elusive 177 in his match against Tom Ford, but failed to hit the double-out in the match. “Triples for show, doubles for dough” as the famous Bobby George once said, right Larry?


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Week 12 Dart Action Print
Written by Jolene Swanson   
Tuesday, 11 December 2018 15:28

The Allwood Finishers hosted the Qualicum Legion B-Sharps at the Eagles Hall. Fun was had by all, but it was Allwood’s night to finish on top, winning 21 matches against the B-Sharp’s 12 wins. Top wins went to Larry Fuller with five for five and Gerry James took four wins from the oche. High scorer for the Finisher’s was Anita Hopps with a 133, “Dirty Harry” Vanheerwaarden shot a 130, as did Gerry James. The B-Sharps’ Captain, Colleen McNeill, led her team with four wins out of five matches, followed by Arless McNeill with three wins out of four games played and the teams high score of the night – 132!


It was a close match between the home team, The Qualicum Legion’s Short Sighted Crew, and the Parksville Legion Bulls Hitters. The Bulls Hitters squeaked past the Short Sighted Crew, winning 17 to 16. Leading the wins, Angie Kienas doubled-out five of the six times at the toe-line. Team top score of 140 went to both Barb Marsh and Angie Kienas. Peter Spinks’ high out of 106 was not only the teams’ highest out of the night, it put him in third place on the Leader Board for the 2018 season. WAY TO GO PETER! Starting off strong, the Short Sighted Crew recruited a new spare to the league, Greg Simmons, who got his $5 worth by winning all six of his matches. High score for The Crew went to Ron Stanley – 140, followed by Ernie Berrow – 138 and Don Punter – 131.


Qualicum Legion was a happening place with the Legion’s Warriors hosting the Parksville Legion Shooters. A three-way tie of four wins in five games, Larry MacDonald, Kelly Kovacs and Fish Trouton secured the Warriors win over the Shooters – 18 to 15. Kelly Kovac was also the Warrior’s high scorer with a 139 and 100 x 2. Putting pressure on the Warriors, Lorraine Hopps and Pat Bannister led the wins for the Shooters with four each. High Score for the Shooters went to Viviane Papineau, who shot a 124.


Parksville Legion Branch 49 was the setting of the match between The Cascadia Bristle Bashers and the Eagles Straight Arrows. Seven players strong, the Bristle Bashers took 23 of the 33 matches against the five-crew Straight Arrows. Terry Strawson won all five of his matches, scoring a high score of 140 along the way. Richard Rempel missed one win, and scored a high score of 140. Tedd Ducker was the most prolific high scorer for the Bashers, scoring 125 and 100 x 3. The unflappable Don McIlhargey led the Straight Arrows in wins – besting his opponents in four of his six turns at the toe-line. High score also went to Don, who shot a 123 and 100 x 2.


Also at the Parksville Legion, the X-Men hosted the Tool Shed Triples, coming away with a win of 25-8. Dale Parker and Pony Moore led the wins without a missed double, followed closely by Glen Dilworth with four of five matches in his favour. Steve Stewart just missed the mark and shot three 101’s instead of the highest score of the night, which went to Pony Moore, who got the 140. Playing strong and steady, Alan Barry and Jackie Anderson won half their games of the night, each doubling out three times. Showing off her new darts, Jackie Anderson also shot a 103, but it was Captain Wendy Haines who got the highest score for the Triples – a 125.


District 69 Darts is hosting a Turkey Shoot on December 15th, 2018 at the Qualicum Legion Branch 76. Doors open at 1pm, registration ends at 1:30pm. $5 entry fee plus $2.50 entry fee for the Men’s and Ladies snowball draws. TURKEYS AND DOOR PRIZES TO BE WON!


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Week 11 Dart Results Print
Written by Jolene Swanson   
Sunday, 02 December 2018 07:20

Winning their first match of the 2018 season, the Toolshed Triples out-doubled the Qualicum Legion B­Sharps 19 to 14. The Triple’s Mike McNulty led the wins with five of six matches in his favour, followed by Jim Hood, Alan Barry and Jackie Anderson – with four wins each. Not to be left unmentioned, Sue Barry, topped the high score sheet with a 123. Winning all four of his matches, Arless McNeill led the B­Sharps wins with Captain, Colleen McNeill, right behind with three of four games to her credit. Arless was also the B­Sharps high scorer with a 140.


Qualicum Legion Warriors hosted the Parksville Legion Bulls Hitters and led by Fish Trouton’s five for five wins, beat the Bulls Hitters 18 to 15. Top score for the Warriors went to Kelly Kovacs with a 140. Fish was most prolific with the high scores, shooting a 123 along with six 100’s. Larry MacDonald shot a 135. Top wins for the Bulls Hitters went to Angie Kienas with four wins in five games. Captain Peter Spinks and Ray Jones bolstered the wins with three apiece. Top scorer for the Bulls Hitters went to Ray Jones with 140 x 2, 138 and two 125’s. WOW!


Winning all six of her matches, Lorraine Hopps, led her team – The Parksville Legion Shooters – to a 19-14 win over the Eagles Hall Straight Arrows – WAY TO GO LORRAINE!! Tom Ford won four of six games, and with scores of 140, 122, and 100x2, it’s not surprising. Lorraine shot a 133 and a 120. Pat Bannister shot 133 and got on the High Outs roster with a 104 check out against Straight Arrow’s Don McIlhargey. League spare, Thomas Connelly, led the Straight Arrows for wins with three out of five double outs, while the rest of the team each brought two wins home. The Arrows Ron Keast was top scorer with a 121 and a 105. Thomas proved his new darts work by shooting a 120 and four 100’s.


Allwood Finishers hosted the Parksville Legion Bristle Bashers for their final match this season at the Eagles Hall. Good efforts by all the Finishers brought 13 wins to their credit but were out-played by the Bashers in 20 other matches. Seven players strong, the Bashers’ Richard Rempel led the team with three of five games won, followed by Don Enocksen, Noella Ross, Terry Strawson and Steve Collins each garnering three of their four matches. Top scores went to Richard Rempel with a 140 and Terry Strawson with a 114 check out. Top wins were shared by Allwood’s Larry Fuller and Gerry James – each victorious in three of five games played. Top score went to Gerry James with a 140 and Anita Hopps was consistent with three scores of 100.


Playing back to back nights, the X-Men and the Qualicum Legion Short Sighted Crew, met for regular play at the Parksville Legion on Tuesday and the Qualicum Legion on Wednesday for their make-up game. Both nights the Short Sighted Crew bested the X-Men, 18 to 15 on Tuesday and 17 to 16 on Wednesday. Top wins on Tuesday went to Captain Don Punter with four of five matches a success. With three wins each, Ron Stanley, Peter Bisiker, Anne O’Sullivan and Ernie Berrow, guaranteed their victory. Top scorer for the Crew was Peter Bisiker with a 137 and a 120. Steve Bird shot a 125, and Ernie Berrow was most prolific high scorer with a 115 x2 and a 101. Captain Colin Adams led the X-Men in wins, with four of five matches. Glen Dilworth won three matches for the X-Men and shot five scores of 100. Highest score for the night went to Pony Moore with a 137, as well as 100 x2.


SAVE THE DATE: December 15, 2018

District 69 Dart League Turkey Shoot at the Qualicum Legion

$5 Entry Fee

Registration: 12:30

Play starts at 1:00 SHARP!


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